Monday, October 29, 2012

The evolution of fitness Pt. 2

Last time we considered different types of goals people may have when they begin their journey of fitness. Now we will consider where to go with that goal!

First up is the seemingly universal goal of loosing a few pounds. Right off the bat I am going to say that regardless of what exercise regimen, the more important thing to look at is what you are putting in your mouth. In short, 3hrs on a treadmill does not equal 3 plates of pasta... In fact, depending on where you are starting from and how much you have to loose you may need only to change your eating habits to achieve your goal. Now lets say that you have your diet in reasonable control. From here it is a simple balance of fuel burned vs fuel consumed. At least that is the general notion that people have been taught since the dark ages. And you would not be wrong if you go by this. However, through years of studies and hundreds of fad diets, there is one resonating truth. The quality of your food is far more important then the amount of it! You may even be shocked to find out that many don't eat enough food! In a perfect world we would eat vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, lean meats, eggs and we would eat till we aren't hungry. And guess what... There would be no obesity! For more info on this check out this link. (FYI, I ignore the the strange caveman theories and look at the useful info) 

Alright, we now have our mind set for eating right and balanced exercise. Now we can look at our options for exercise. The beauty about this goal is that there are so many different routs to the same destination! So if you hate running on a treadmill then guess what... You don't have to! Really as long as you are doing activities that burn the extra glycogen stores you have built up in your muscles and that elevate your heart rate you are going to loose fat. If you are the kind of person that likes to be pushed and have others working with them then you may try one of the many bootcamp workouts that are being offered all over the place. For those looking for a more dynamic environment, I highly recommend heading to the Crossfit gym closest to you and seeing what it's all about! (FSF offers this service).

If you are the timid, apprehensive type, and you don't mind doing your own thing then there is a lot to be said for the timeless cardio/weight training combo. A simple weekly schedule could look like this. 1 hr, 3 times per week with 20min of cardio coupled with strength exercises for the remaining 40min will work wonders for your body composition so long as you are performing them properly and safely!

What You Should Take Away From This

Quality, sensible diet + Regular exercise= Healthy body composition!


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